Saturday, 21 September 2013

Bing! Get Dressed by Ted Dewan (Children's, Picture book,10/10E)

August 2013, HarperCollins Children's, 32 pages (I think...) Paperback, Review copy

Themes: mega cute bunny, what is involved in getting dressed, encouragement, positivity, unexpected surprises
Content: lots of laughter

Summary from HarperCollins
 The first in an exciting new relaunch of Ted Dewan’s Bing books – resized and beautifully produced for the next generation of toddlers – paving the way for Bing’s TV debut in 2014.

Ted Dewan has created a series that focuses on the dynamic between toddler and parent, and that speaks to them both equally, about life as a toddler and life with a toddler. With short, repetitive texts, bold, bright artwork and appealing characters, Bing offers both parent and child an enjoyable reading experience and a simple, reassuring guiding principle – that, whatever happens, it’s just a Bing thing, a normal occurrence, and nothing to get upset about. 

Nayuleska's thoughts 
Bing is a mega adorable bunny - just look at him! I liked how his animated toy Flip, who looks as if you can feel fabric if you touch him ,(you can't), is the one giving the instructions. Bing is encouraged with praise for each step completed. He gets dressed and then an accident happens. I hadn't expected it at all, and found it funny. I was pleased at how a big deal wasn't made about it, that Bing wasn't made to feel ashamed of what he'd done. All in all a positive read for younger and older readers alike.

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