Friday, 9 August 2013

Sticker Dolly Dressing: Action! (Children's, 5 years +, Sticker book, 10/10E)

June 2013, Usborne, 24 pages, Paperback, Review copy, hotmail

Themes: emergency services, being a rescue worker, being a pilot, drama in the city, snowy mountain sport, fire service, tv crew, wildlife presenter, exotic locations, lemurs, triathlon, etective work, theatre work, freezing rescue service, seals, penguins, movie stars, stunt girls, harnesses, horse riding, private jet crew, sea rescue, lots of equipment, special clothes to wear,

Content: so much fun

Summary from Usborne 
From private investigators and fire fighters, to movie stars and stunt artists, this action-packed book is packed with dolls to dress with over 300 stickers.

With extra accessories to add including helmets, harnesses, tool kits and special technology.

A fun sticker book for go-getting girls!

Nayuleska's summary 
To date this is my favourite book of the series (which might get trumped by the Fairies and Princesses
Sticker Dolly Dressing titles). Without sounding clicheed, I do enjoy the action - the buzz zings off
the page. I really liked learning special clothing that some of the dolls wore, and what order to put it
in. Sometimes it seemed a shame to have to cover up the layers of clothes. My favourites were the air
ambulence crew who do a fantastic job of helping people, and the special investigator's sophisticated
outfit.(Sorry for the format, Blogger Gremlins at work!)

There's what looks like a fun Sticker Dolly app on Usborne's website.

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