Monday, 5 August 2013

Going Swimming and Going to Playschool by Sarah Garland (Children’s, Picture book, 9/10, short 'n' sweet review)

My cover is a bit different
My cover is a little different

1st August 2013, Frances Lincoln, 24 pages, Hardback, Review copy, Short 'n' Sweet review,

Summary from Frances Lincoln (Going Swimming)
In Going Swimming we join the family as they negotiate the changing rooms, persuade the baby to join them in the pool and have lots of fun splashing about together. And guess who doesn't want to get out again when it's going home time…

Summary from Frances Lincoln (Going to Playschool)
Frances Lincoln are delighted to reissue Sarah Garland's classic picture books featuring a warm and very down-to-earth family as they go about their daily life. This book follows the family as they play games, pour sand, roll pastry, get dressed up and play with the rabbit. Mum, daughter, baby and dog are always rushing around, getting things done and having lots of fun.

Nayuleska's thoughts
These charming reads originally published in the 1990's, are full of details that had me imagining mini stories about the other characters. The style of illustration is realistic, and the story is a great depiction of going swimming and spending a day at playschool from the view of the child, the child's mother, the child's older sibling, and most importantly of Blue Rabbit who has a lead role at playschool.

Suggested read
Check out My Big Shouting Day by Rebecca Patterson for a young with a bunny...but who is in a very bad mood. (Children's, picture book, 10/10)

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