Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Nayu's News #75 Tasty Goop Scoop!

I'm not quite baking, but this is post involves being in the kitchen
Hi all! This is a short & sweet post. Recently I've been glancing at green smoothies online - they are sometimes green in colour (not always - some can be purple like below!) 
Yum yum! Not my picture ^o^

Basically they are smoothies which contain green veg. It's an easy way to get veg (& fruit) into you. Since I have to eat in small amounts, making sure I get all my essential nutrients in can be a bit tricky. A green smoothie is simple to do. I simply whizzed up the following: 

These never help you see in the dark - ever!
Carrots! I cut off both ends, then just chopped them into small chunks. Quantities are down to personal taste. I used up all the veg I had because I aim to make the green smoothie once a week, freeze it in portions and have it every day - that cuts down on how much energy I personally use from my body.

Crunchy & green!
 Celery! It's a tasty (if a little strong) green, one that's used in salad a lot.

Another green!
Cucumber! This adds a fresh taste to a smoothie - as well as being green ^o^ 

Sweet, juicy, yum!
Oranges! I love carrot and orange juice, so thought it a perfect base for my first green smoothie.

Can you guess what this is without looking at the next sentence for the answer?
I also added a bit of fresh ginger, which adds some zing to carrot and orange juice. 

I cut them up in small chunks and whizzed them with a hand blender to come up with....
It's in one of my favourite cups ^o^ It looks a lot neater and cleaner than the photo I took during the process. I had made rather a mess...
I'm probably not using celery for a while, certainly not shoving it all in the same batch because it was overpowering. I chucked the entire amount of every ingredient (minus the ginger) in because then I know I've got a lot of veg in one glass.  It was surprisingly refreshing and tasty. 

I portioned it all in food bags and then froze them. They defrost perfectly fine, I just take one out (usually 2 portions per bag), put it in a container to stop any leaks wrecking the fridge, and leave it on the side or in the fridge over night/throughout the day. . 

"I'm going to freeze you!"
This week I've getting oranges, carrots (again), broccoli & melon. I'm trying to figure out what combo I'll do - might try a variety rather than blending it all together as I rather like food in individual flavours rather than a mix up. Definitely orange, carrot & ginger with some broccoli, maybe some orange, carrot & ginger with melon, and then orange/carrot/ginger/broccoli/melon mix!

Will let you know (with photos) how the 2nd smoothie round goes!

"I think the oranges are calling me..." 

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