Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Stick! by Andy Pritchett (Children's, Picture book, 10/10 E)

April 2013, Walker Books
32 pages, Hardback
Review copy 

Themes: friendship, playing, having fun, feeling all alone, acting a little Eeyore-like, unexpected events, 

Content: warning: lots of humour! 

Summary from Walker Books
 Little Puppy has discovered a STICK and sticks are a LOT of fun. With abounding enthusiasm, he goes in search of a playmate. He sees Bird – aha! – someone to play with! But Bird would much rather eat juicy worms. Hmmm … what about Cow? Or Pig? Who will be Puppy's friend?

Nayuleska's thoughts 
With about one word to each page, I was in fits of giggles as the story progressed, especially when puppy does a very good Eeyore-type expression when everything goes wrong. I loved this so much I sent it on to an extremely stressed friend in the final stages of her PhD - she loves it too! Picture books are for everyone ^o^ 

Suggested read
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