Thursday, 7 March 2013

Nayu's News #57 Might go dark until Monday

Hi all! Hope you're having a good week - I am! I'm sneaking in a fair few 10 minute editing sessions this week, which pleases Muse no end. Some of what she's come out with is too weird and is being axed. She gets a little huffy like Holo in the anime Spice and Wolf...
...but not for too long because she then thinks she's amazing for what she replaces the weird stuff with. 
 *shrugs* Not a lot I can say to that! 

(This is for the main topic of the post - Muse has a bit of gothic style going on so I like this pic) 
Just a heads up I might not blog until Monday now because.....
I'm having my ketamine tomorrow! AT HOME! 

What makes you think I'm excited?!! This is so awesome, to have found pain relief and to be able to have it at home. It's well worth the 4-5 year wait. 
No more travelling! No more waking up at 3am to eat breakfast so I don't feel ill with my usual meds when I travel! No more having treatment in hospital!

I can wake up, go downstairs, take the ketamine, then relax on the sofa.

I may have to retreat to my bed if I feel rough, but that's a 1 minute journey, not a 1 hour one to hospital

And relax I will. I usually feel a bit weird, so I've no idea if I'll read, write, watch anime, sew, or do something else. I'm hopping I can do some of my jigsaw puzzle as that is fun and not overly taxing, but we'll see. 

I am putting the emphasis on relaxing so I'm all fit for work on Tuesday, which is why there may not be a blog post until Monday's meme, which is put up by the lovely GRgenius of the book blog Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers. (She totally deserves a plug for being so awesome and not minding if I send the necessary info a day late! This week it'll be a day early)

What I do know for sure is that my cat will be by my side - she usually is when I'm home!

See you on the other side!


DMS said...

Yeah! Your new treatment sounds like it will be much better. I hope that having it in your own home makes it much better. Also, I hope you feel well enough to do some jigsaws. :)

Loved the post and all the pictures helped me imagine all the emotions!


Ali said...

Awesome! ^^

Nayuleska said...

DMS - it's much better at home. The side effects don't change (48 hours of feeling extremely rough is bearable with the relief I get from it) but there's less stress involved. Sadly no jigsaw-ing but I did look at the boxes.

Ali - Thanks!