Thursday, 20 December 2012

Nayu's News 45: Mini break, short & sweet

(Finally I've got the prefect place for this cool picture) 

Normal blog schedule of daily reviews will begin again Saturday. I'd hoped to schedule some in yesterday but I was attacked by the Uber Tired Gremlins. 
Stil not 100% & will get very glared at by a friend if I so much as write 1 review before the weekend. So I'm watching anime! 
 Because I'm pretty brain tired I'm opting for French rather than Japanese. For new blog readers, I adore watching anime in different languages. Mostly Japanese (I can understand some of it), a fair amount of French (understand 85+%), and occasionally Spanish (very rusty, hope to improve in time). To me that's relaxing - I know it sounds like work, but it's so much fun.

Right, I need to skedaddle before my friend does more than glare at me. (hence the above pic) She may be a continent away but it's not a good idea for me to mess with her. She has minions. (& is a writer). I love her to pieces and I'm glad she puts her foot down when I need it. (friends are awesome - which is why I love the friend based anime, Strawberry Shortcake (Charlotte aux Fraises is the French version that I watch) 
(although 2nd girl from the right, Cherry someone is totally new to me - the volume she appears in isn't out in French yet - I may have to get the English if they don't look to be doing it in French any time soon) 

Owing to my next treatment of ketamine (legal) being on 28th, 
 and staying over with family before that,
 I'm banned from working on my novels until 1st January. From then I can do whatever I like! Until then I can only write blog posts/reviews, which is better than nothing! 
 See you all at the weekend!

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