Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Nayu's News #44 I did it!

 (No snow where I am, but it's been cold. This picture fits the current season)

Hi everyone! Hope things are going well with you. Mega apologies for the lack of posts over the past few days. I've been zapped with zero energy & been finishing off my Fairy novel! 

 (Here are my favourite TV fairies - the Winx! This is from one of their 3D films)

Finishing it was wonderful. I took a peek at early feedback, and it'll be for 9 year olds, not 7 year olds. I've got a way to make the first chapter less info dumping-y and I'm now refusing to look at any more feedback until I have them all. Otherwise I'll keep wanting to change things *right now* which is not the best idea. 
"Patience is hard to learn" (quote by Nayu, picture from who knows where) 

It's now in the hands of betas. I'm not one to hang around so I'm getting on with the editing of another wip, Inescapable Ties, which is set in space and is 11 years +. Muse is delighted to get back to it with the space pirates and mysterious organisations who are very bad indeed. 

That reminds me of the anime Bodacious Space Pirates which I ought to continue watching....
(This is Marika, a high school student who ends up being captain of a pirate ship on the anime Bodacious Space Pirates (extremely low on inappropriate content which is very welcome to me))

Due to the intensity of finishing my wip I haven't done much reading this week. However, from 12pm Friday until 9am 7th January I'm on holiday! Some of that will be recovering from my next ketamine dose, on the 28th. 
However, that recovery usually involves dvds & books (sometimes both) so I do get distracted from feeling lousy for several days. I will knit a little - sadly not with a cute penguin.

Onto happier things, my reading pile is now increasing quite nicely! Which is a relief as it was looking a little low. 
"Books, books, lovely books. ALL MINE!" (Quote by Nayu, picture from who knows where)

 I must go and keep resting - having low energy when I never have much to begin with can be a little trying. I'm off to watch at least 1 episode of Vampire Diaries! 

Keep smiling !
(No idea where this girl's from but I love her outfit! And her smile ^o^)

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