Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Nayu's News #43 Lots of good news!

"And the good news is..."  (quote by Nayu)

Good news is good! (Bear with me, I've had sleeping issues for the last few days (so not my fault) & brain fog is rather high)

I have good news! Yes, I realise you may have gathered that much from the blog title. Right, so what's good news? 

Good News #1 My laptop plays videos

"It works! It's finally working again! Yay!....or maybe not, but even working for a short while is still better than not working at all!" (quote by Nayu) 
(Taken from here)

Not video videos - that would be weird. But for months it went on strike, refusing to play Netflix & Youtube. I was not a happy bunny but I got used to it. This weekend I accidentally pressed play on a video, and was totally astonished when it worked. Edited to add: it's being a bit fussy now, so not sure the issue has been resolved. Never mind - that's what my tablet is for!

Good News #2 Ketamine update!

"Not too many more of these before I can have them at home..."  (Quote by Nayu)

For some bizarre reason, I usually only ever learn of the date 2 weeks before it happens. I'd phoned a few times in November but the lists weren't ready then. Well I phoned today & I'm having it on 28th December! That's 17 days! Super excited. Not looking forward to the 2-4 days of feeling rotten afterwards, but that's part and parcel of having it. I'd expected it in January, so there shouldn't be too much of a gap between when it wears off and the next dose. It might be wearing off a little now, I don't know, it's too cold to be able to tell. This time they should be showing me how to do it, so the next dose will hopefully be at home! I'm only doing it when family are home, but it should be fine. It'll be nice not to have to travel so much for it. 

Good News #3 I'm nearly done with editing! 

"SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I'm so excited I can't stop leaping around!" (Quote by Nayu)

Yup, my wip is edited! I've just got to read it over, which I know will involve a few tweaks here and there (I even know where the tweaks are and roughly what the words will be). Then I am done, and giving it to beta readers (I managed to gain a couple by chance which is always good news). So, what will I do while betas have it? 

"Cut this bit, switch these sentences around and then..." (Quote by Nayu)

Editing the next wip. Not the next wip in the Sky Fairies series (middle grade/7 years +), that isn't written yet. But Inescapable Ties is also in the editing stage. It's a bit dark, which is why I haven't been able to attack it much this year (which is why Sky Fairies was born because I needed light & fun). But I know exactly what needs changing editing wise - I even started major edits on it. Makes sense that it's the next one as it's an awesome adventure story (space!) & first in a trilogy. And the other book that's nearly ready for querying ^o^ 2013 looks a truly exciting year.

(Akari & President Aria (the cat with the podgy tummy) from the anime Aria the Animation/Origination/Natural)
"Here's to reaching for our dreams!" (Quote by Nayu)

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