Monday, 1 October 2012

Winx Club: Fantastic Fairy Fan Book (Children's, 7 years +, 9/10)

August 2012, Golden Books
48 Pages, Paperback
Personal Copy

Themes: friendship, fairies, enemies, boyfriends, happiness, several puzzles, lots of stickers, each page is perforated so can be taken out to stick up on walls/pinboards,

Meet Bloom, her fairy friends, and the evil witches of The Trix! Girls ages 6-11 who enjoy the magical adventures of Nickelodeon's Winx Club will love the posters, stickers, and secrets in this full-color activity book.

Nayuleska's thoughts

Yay! At last I've got lots of Winx Stickers. Naturally I had to preorder this book. If it were any other book it would have got 7/10. Despite the girls being in their Believix form, the book doesn't include Flora's boyfriend Helia or Aisha (Who is Layla in the French version that I watch)'s boyfriend Naboo. That is a pretty big omission in my eyes. They should have had more of the Winx's enemies, especially with the girls in their 4th season outfits.

That aside, the fact that it's one of my favourite anime/animation pushes the final grade up. I feel starry eyed like Kirino from the anime Bamboo Blade whenever I flick through the pages. I mean it's the Winx! It's cool to have such big, clear pictures of their season 4 transformation - it's hard to study the intricacy of the designs when the girls are in the show - they keep moving! The character descriptions are very brief but accurate. The puzzles are pitched well for the intended readership in terms of difficulty. I intend to take pictures out and put them on my wardrobe. I'm still debating where to put my stickers of this 9/10 read.

Suggested watch

Go check out the Winx anime, find out why I frequently refer to and watch it a lot. There's a few Winx posts on NRC here (I have had to cut dvd challenges due to health reasons), here, here, here (a spotlight on Winx girl Stella), and here (a review of Winx season 4).

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