Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Nayu's News #8

(A random Japanese garden photo) 

I try and match my first picture of each post to suit my mood. There are plenty of restful anime pictures, but more people will relate to the calm of a serene place than to an anime character in a not always widely known anime. 

The picture shows how I'm feeling about today. I had some fun at work - we almost always have laughs at some point in the day. I then came and and watched this 

(Winx Believix picture (from here): Top row left to right: Layla, Bloom, Techna. Bottom row left to right: Flora, Musa Stella)

I saw the episode of Winx Season 4 where Roxy, the last Earth fairy is found by the Winx, and believes who they are (after saying they weren't real, even though she knew strange stuff was happening). By opening up her heart she gave the Winx their power. (Hence Believix. Logical when you think about it). I love all the transformation scenes, with Believix having that awesome factor. Here's my order of which costumes I like the best 

  1. Stella, Bloom, Flora
  2. Layla, Tecna, Musa.
Yes, I hate having to pick between them, but I definitely prefer Stella & co above Layla & co (not that there are two such different teams in the show). 

Right, moving on from my favourite show, after that I did some editing of a friend's wip. 

(that was me earlier, taken from here

I hope she hurries up with the next few sections because I want to read more now! 

Next up I did some editing of my own wip. At last! I'd planned to at the weekend, but life had other plans for me. I set the clock for 20 minutes, which is 1/3 of 1 hour which is the time I would've had to work on a draft today (with editing being 1/3 of draft time). 

(Anime girl studying at a computer, picture from here)

And I edited. It was highly focused, and although it's not that long and not all that much, I feel as satisfied as if I'd spent hours editing, which used to bring mediocre results. So less definitely is more in terms of editing. 

I've got a few stacks of books to sort tonight, as on Thursday a neighbour is popping over to take them to my local primary school. 

 (This is how I like to imagine myself beside the books. It isn't the reality, but a girl can dream. Picture from here)

I get a lot of books for review, and if they are the appropriate age I like to give to the school, who have had their book funds slashed by an insane amount. The rest will be taken by another friend who is a librairian. In theory sorting the piles will free the desk I have for my sewing machine, which I haven't touched for years because it's quite tiring. However, even if its less than an hour, I'm determined to start doing bits of sewing. I have so many projects waiting to be sewn. Life isn't going to change dramatically for me in the future (well, as far as I can see) so by working in a little sewing when I'm up for it, slowly but surely I'll get some clothes made and some quilts stitched.

Have a great evening! 

(My current Twitter Avatar, Holo from the anime Spice and Wolf)

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Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

I have a confession to make - I've never used a sewing machine >_> Crazy huh? With all the other crafts I've done? There's one sitting in my living room too... Hoping to pull it out this week and start to figure it out :)