Thursday, 5 April 2012

Nayu's News #2

 Hi all! Hope you've had at least one thing that made you smile today. 

This first picture, from the anime Aria when Athena spills a jug of water, is very apt. Yesterday was rather hilarious. I got home from errands, set about sorting out lunch and other things I'd need for the day. I was carrying a glass pint of milk. In all the time I've been having milk delivered (less than a year), I've never dropped a bottle. 

Well, yesterday I did. I knew I was dropping it so I did step back when it fell out my grasp. Smash went the bottle. I started laughing. I quickly had to lock the catflap because I was worried about my cat hurting herself. I used kitchen tongs to pick up all the glass pieces. Family laughed upon hearing that, and said they'd have just used their hands. I did that and got a minor cut. I couldn't use mop up the milk until I'd removed the glass. That took a while. Once I had all the big bits, I began with the little bits. I could see that some where not coming out. 

By this time the milk had soaked into the carpet - great. I took 5 minutes finding the hoover as it wasn't in its usual space. It took another 5 minutes to set it all up and work out how to use it. I don't use the hoover because it's way too tiring for me. But I didn't want my cat to be hurt, and family were out, so I had no choice. I did then have the rest off the day off dish duty. 

Once I hoovered a bit of the glass up, I began mopping the milk with teatowels, water and washing up liquid. Note, pay attention here. I folded the teatowels and patted down on them to soak up the milk. I needed something heavier, so I used a sparkling water bottle (full), rolling it around a few times. It was hard work. I was totally worn out 1 hour and 10 minutes later when I'd finished - which was precisely when my family came home. They listened on to the tale with humour in their eyes. This kind of thing only happens to me. I'm the accident prone one, just like Athena in the following picture when she fell over in her room. Unlike her I don't play a trick, pretending I have amnesia to see what other people think of her.

I then ate some lunch, and grabbed a drink of sparkling water. Back up - sparkling water? The same sparkling water from the bottle I used to help mop up the milk? Yes. I'd totally forgotten I'd used it within the past hour (my memory is really poor), and happily opened the bottle. 

I had a lovely mini fountain moment as the sparkling water exploded out and over the top of the bottle. 

Family thought it was as hilarious as I did, and helped mop up. They wouldn't let me fill up my hot water bottle. I was instructed to go sit down and not touch anything.

That was all well and good until 40 minutes later I wanted some Ovaltine from a cupboard. I then proceeded to knock family's fruit bag on the floor, thereby bruising a pear which wasn't looking as happy as this one.

(pic from here)

I can safely say that today has been without incident. I used my new writing technique. Basically editing uses more brain energy than draft writing. At the moment I really want to get the current fairy wip out in query land. I find it hard when I can't edit because I don't have the brain power. So the deal is I can edit in every writing time - but I have to use a third of the time available to me. On days off I can do 3 hours draft writing.Which means I can do a maximum of 1 hour editing. 

This doesn't sound a lot - but it's all I can do if I want to edit. Today it worked. I focused for that one hour, and went through a  fair few pages making notes on my wip. I'd thought that 1 hour wouldn't feel enough, but it is. My brain knows when it's overworked. I was able to rest up with anime and books, which is always a good combination. 

By doing a little less, I'll eventually get more done as I won't be pushing myself too hard (which I'm so good at doing). Little and often, that is the key in my life. Plus it actually means when I'm editing a wip, I get more reading and anime time!!!

Tomorrow will hopefully be a similar day. I love being on holiday!

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