Friday, 6 April 2012

Even Villains Fall In Love by Liana Brooks (Science Fiction Romance)

6th April 2012, Breathless Press 
word count 28k, eBook, 
Review copy

Themes: life of a villain, the troubles a villain has suppressing his evil nature, children having accidents with seemingly catastrophic consequences,  a superhero for a mother, mother's returning to work for the family, quadruplets, paranormal powers, perceptive children, heroes wanting to eliminate villains, family in danger, thinking outside the box, pluses and minuses of having minions, moderate amount adult relationship (including innuendo), stacks of hilarity

Summary from Breathless Press

A super villain at the top of his game must choose between the world he wants and the woman he loves.

If you believe the rumors you know that Doctor Charm, the wickedly sexy super villain, retired in shame seven years ago after his last fight with the super hero Zephyr Girl. The fact that the charming Evan Smith—father of four and husband of the too-beautiful-to-be-real Tabitha—bears a resemblance to the defeated Doctor is pure coincidence. And, please, ignore the minions.

Everything is perfect in the Smith household, until Tabitha announces her return to work as a super hero. Evan was hoping to keep her distracted until after he rigged the 2012 presidential election, but—genius that he is—Evan has a backup plan. In his basement lab, Evan has a machine whose sole purpose is keeping Tabitha hungry for him.

But children and labs don’t mix. The machine is broken, and Tabitha storms out, claiming she no longer knows him. World domination takes a back seat to meeting his daughters’ demands to get Mommy back right now. This time his genius isn’t going to be enough—he’s going to need both his evil alter-ego, and the blooming super abilities of his children to save his wife. But even his most charming self might not be enough to save their marriage.

Nayuleska's thoughts

Apart from the beginning which had slightly less fun when the children or Tabitha weren't involved (I like female protagonists a lot), this was an awesome read. I loved the hilarity of Evan keeping his supposedly finished with villainry a secret. I felt sad that he feels he needed machines to keep Tabitha attracted to him. My heart breaks when Everything Goes Very Wrong in the story. But I was soon smiling again because the stars of the show are the children. 4 not so normal little girls. It was so funny the way that they revealed their powers to Evan - and also the names they chose to be called by. This book is wonderful because it is family orientated, something which I quite enjoy in books but don't always see a lot of. This is an entertaining 10/10 read. 

You can find out more about Liana and her book on her website

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