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Hattori Hachi #2: Stalking the Enemy by Jane Prowse (Children's, 10 years +)

 June 2010, Piccadilly
236 pages, Paperback
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Themes: ninja life, keeping secrets, prisonners, exploring surrounding envirinment, water, freindly rats, quick thinking, lots of surprises, a bit of fighting, anime like scenes, awesome weapons, a tissue is needed at the end

Summary from Piccadilly
Hachi is drawn deeper into her history, as the story continues . . .

Hang-gliding high above the vast forest, silently swooping through the darkness towards the enemy camp, I felt powerful, free . . .
Schoom! An arrow tore through one of the wings, and suddenly I was plummeting down, fast and vertical. The ground was coming up to meet me as the air was forced from my lungs by the pressure of the wind. Only a miracle would save me now.

A summer camp in the heart of Kielder Forest is not what it seems, and Hattie Jackson soon discovers more about the history that has led the evil Kataki ninjas to the point of war against her family – a family full of dark secrets and terrifying legends that cannot be allowed to come true.

Nayuleska's thoughts
 As awesome as Hattie was in this adventure, by far my favourite character was Neena. My wish that she would play a big role in future stories came true in an epic way. Neena was an actress, an escapologist, used her greatest skill of intelligence, neve panicking when to do so would cause problems. She reminds me so much of Tomoya, who is Sakura's sidekick in Cardcaptor Sakura anime. Neena made this a 10/10 read (Hattie is awesome to, & I enjoyed her dad playing a role too).

For more information, check out Hattori Hachi's website.

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