Sunday, 11 March 2012

Little Princesses: The Dream-Catcher Princess by Katie Chase (Children's, 7 years +)

September 2011, Ramdom House Children's Books
Ebook & Paperback
Review copy

Themes: native americans, totem poles, coyote, speedy eagle, tricks, stars, dreams, scary monsters, talking with animals, mild peril, lots of adventure.

Summary from Random House Children's Books
Rosie and her little brother Luke are exploring the maze in the grounds of Great-aunt Rosamund's Scottish castle and Rosie discovers a carved and painted totem pole in the centre. When she looks more closely, Rosie sees a young girl on horseback carved athe base of the post. Could this be another little princess? Rosie says hello, just like her Great-aunt told her to and suddenly a gust of wind full of the scent of pine trees surrounds her and she's off on another adventure!

When Rosie opens her eyes again someone it's dark and someone drags her behind a boulder. She can see dark shadows moving through the night - monsters with ferocious jaws and lots of arms and legs. They seem to be looking for something. The person who pulled Rosie to safety is Princess Malila, who explains that the creatures are dream-shadows that hunt for people by night. Usually Malila's tribe are protected by a powerful dream-catcher made of willow hoops and feathers, but it was stolen from the camp. Rosie and Malila must get it the dream-catcher back!

Nayuleska's thoughts  
This is my favourite Little Princess book. Princess Malika is a princess with a fun outfit, encountering a problem that I wouldn't usually associate with a princess. She wants to keep her people safe, and only through Rosie's help can she do that, making this a 10/10 read. My favourite illustration is when the girls are riding on the eagle's back - I could see the stars in my mind.

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