Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Dragonskin Slippers by Jessica Day George (Children's, 7 years +, 10E/10E)

 (Isn't the cover awesome?) 

February 2012, Bloomsbury
330 pages, Paperback
Review copy

Themes: ordinary heroine, family ties, constant surprises, dragons, myths, motion sickness, regal princes, spoilt bratty conniving princess, mirrors, joy of pets, seamstress, sewing, poverty, sly enemies, heaps of gripping moments, some fighting, tragedy, lots of laughs, a whole box of tissues needed

Summary from Bloomsbury
 Fifteen-year-old Creel is floored when her aunt suggests they sacrifice her to a dragon to attract the attention of a marriageable knight. But when the dragon appears, Creel bargains for her life - and ends up with an unusual pair of blue slippers. 

It's not until the slippers are stolen by a princess that Creel learns a terrible truth: the slippers are made from the hide of a dragon queen, and enable the wearer to control all the dragons in the land. Now under the command of the princess, who is eager to start a war, the dragons begin to attack the city. Creel must join forces with the king's son and others to break the slippers' hold before the princess and the dragons destroy the city - or before the king's archers kill the dragons - whichever comes first.
Nayuleska's thoughts

This is one of those books, the type I want to give to everyone so they can enjoy watching Creel have happiness after each hardship. I cried so much throughout tbis book, I was that attached to the sweet Creel whose characteristics I share when it comes to travelling. I have a thing for pretty dresses in fiction so to have Creel be a seamstress and have the story full of dressmaking makes Creel's story a real treat. I want a pair of dragonskin slippers but will make do with this 10/10 read.

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Vivienne said...

Oh God! I didn't know this one was one to make me cry too. I shall put it off for a few days I think. I am all cried out with books at the moment.