Friday, 9 March 2012

Dragon Spear by Jessica Day George (Children's, 7 years)

February 2012, Bloomsbury
252 pages, Paperba k
Review copy

Themes: dragons, hatchlings, plots, hidden oasis, an ill fated gown, lots of peril, kidnapping, angry royal dragon parents, dresses, foreign language and culture, lots of humour, occasional high peril, a tissue needed.

Summary from Bloomsbury
Humans and dragons are finally at peace, and Creel is busy planning her wedding to Prince Luka. Then dragon queen, Velika, is kidnapped by rogue dragons in need of their own queen . . .

Creel and Luka join Shardas, King of the Dragons, on a journey to the land of the dark forests to save their friend. Can they stop the kidnappers from imprisoning Velika for ever? And will Creel get her dream wedding after all?

Nayuleska's thoughts.
I grabbed this book up eagerly, keen to watch more of Creel's far from boring life with her distinct dragon friends and spunky human friends. I was sad to finish it, because there isnt another book yet. But the ending is perfect, bringing together the various plot twists which personally make me feel that Creel and Luka will have more adventures in this 10/10 read.

Suggested reading

Although it can be read out of sequence, check out where the story began in Dragonskin Slippers

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