Thursday, 8 March 2012

Dragon Flight by Jessica Day George, Children's, 9 years +

February 2012, Bloomsbury
272 pages, Paperback
Review copy

Themes: royalty, pompous advisers, nations at war, dragons of all temperment, dragons on the warpath, scheming villains, dresses, seamstress, lots of humour and peril, mild romance, tissues are needed at the sheer joy of wha unfolds in the story.

Summary from Bloomsbury

With the Dragon Wars over, Creel finds herself bored with life as a seamstress. Then word comes that a bordering country has been breeding dragons in preparation for an invasion. Never one to miss out on the action, Creel throws herself headlong into an adventure that will reunite her with Shardas, the king of the dragons, pit her against a vicious new dragon, and perhaps rekindle a friendship with Prince Luka.  

Nayuleska's thoughts

Creel's adventures are exactly what I'd love to do. Her friend Marta shows spunk & plays a huge role in Creel's life which is never dull. The dragons in her life see to that. Trust me when I say you dont want to mess with royal dragons on a rampage. I love how dressmaking is essential to the story, making this easily a 10/10 read.

You can find more about the books on Jessica's website.

Suggested reading

This book will have more dimensions if you read book one, Dragonskin Slippers

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