Saturday, 17 March 2012

Blog merger alert!

(This is my Twitter Avatar. Still got no idea who this is, but hey, she's like me)

I've just been looking at the first few entries of the latest chocolate competition (500g of yummy chocolate up for grabs) and they've made me cry. Yes, you know who you lovely people are. *waves at the entrants so far*.

(This is Aika from Aria the Natural (there are 3 seasons...can't remember which this is other than it's not #1. I like it because she's mostly bubbly, but she hides a sensitive part. She cries a lot when she burns her hair, but figures getting a style which suits her is a good move forward)

Making me cry is a very good thing - I tend to cry easily when I'm happy (& sad). This week I was umming and ahhing about possibly merging blogs. I confess that I don't really read any other blogs apart from my own - more of a time thing than any other reason. I thought that most were a mixture of reviews & life posts, but now I'm  not so sure.

(This is a fun picture from the anime Negima - I love the detail on Azuma's kimono (and the other girls too).

The whole reason why I had two separate blogs was because I wanted my reviews in one blog, and my writing, anime obsessed posts in another blog. I didn't think the two would mix. I'm should I put it? I'm anime obsessed. I love anything that's cute. I love searching Google images for perfect anime shots which fit my mood perfectly (I almost always find what I want).

(Here is Hatoko Koboyashi (I think I've got the surname right) and her Angel (battle doll) Suzuka from Angelic Layer (anime & manga)) 

I didn't think that the cute side really fit in with the reviews on this blog. Looking back, it seems a bit weird to think that. I mean, both the blogs are from me, and are about me. I guess I thought that reviews should be more..professional and my love for all things cute didn't feel professional.

I've felt a similar way about my writing over the past year. I always thought I'd write x, and sometimes y (which is what I liked the most), but now it turns out writing y is super fun and it's ok to be me. No I am not explaining what x and y are. You'll have to find out when I eventually get published. I've been told its always a matter of when, never if.

I've finally got the reviews here to be a format that's quick and easy for me to put, as time = energy, which is something I never have much of these days. I like to think that they carry some of my personality in them. You seem to enjoy it and can't find anything negative to say about the site, which is quite touching, considering how I view my reviews in comparisons to the few I've seen in the past on other sites..

(I like this picture because it captures how happy and excited I feel about merging the blogs. From left to right it's Musa, Bloom and Stella from Winx season 3, in Enchantix mode (within a few weeks you will probably be able to identify who is who on sight, just from the amount of times I like to post about them).

It feels right that I'm merging the blogs together. For readers who haven't really been on Nayu's Realm, you can expect a lot of anime pictures. I like to talk about what I've been doing in life, which with me around usually involves something ditzy (including water on the wrong side of the car in the car wash). I love my crazy cat, my sweet two pet birds (1 Bengalese finch, 1 Zebra finch) and sometimes blog about them.

(anime girl writing)

I often blog about how my writing's going. There are whoohoos when I complete a chapter, or a wip. Then there are the 'arghs' which are almost always with a smile, because even when I'm editing and it's a bit challenging, I love it. I love every aspect of writing. Ok, I'm going to find synopsis-es a challenge, ditto query letters, but I won't be blogging about them. You'll know once a wip is done, I will say when it's finally out to be queried, but after that no updates until it gets where it needs to be.

(This is Akari from the anime Aria/Aqua)

(Here is Bloom in Season 3 Enchantix mode. You do not want to tick her off. Not when she's a dragon guardian fairy (ok my translation might be off because I watch it in French).

*smiles* Then there's anime. Especially Winx, which is already on here a little. It'll be on here even more. Yay!  There will be updates on my health (infusion wore idea when the next one will be) as and when I have them (but there were mostly put on here anyway).

(Rita from the video game Tales of Vesperia reading)

There will still be the same number of book reviews - never fear over that! I love my books ever so much. I love that the goal of my blog, to share my thoughts and feelings about books with the world is actually happening, that some of you go and buy or borrow (legally, no book pirates here please) books which I've reviewed. I can't imagine a world without books, and I hope I never have to. I do feel pretty privileged to receive so many books for review, and to be able to get to a library and read what I want, compared to others in the world who are prevented from reading.

Time to go - settling down for the night. Technically it's too late for me write, so I'm going to listen to some music and bash out my wip plots with Muse while I do some Hama beading. Thank you for stopping by, and hopefully will see you again soon!

Edited to add: Muse is rapidly losing energy, and has agreed I can keep reading until Casualty on BBC 1. Then I'll be Hama beading

Edited further to add: Muse is holding me to ransom - I'm not reading. I will be Winxing. Such a hardship! *falls about giggling*

Post edit note: In the past I've been asked how old I am. I will say that I'm in my 20's. I think being an adult is a complete and total myth. With my love of Winx and Pop Pixie, & Disney Princesses, I feel like the 11 year old me who stupidly changed her life to fit in with so called 'cooler' girls at school. Life has returned to how it started out, and I'm very happy with that.

(Pop Pixie banner is from here. Aren't they adorable? It's a different timeline to Winx, but they still have some of the characteristics they had with the fairies. I like the new thing where the pixies cry if they are happy and everyone else has to use an umbrella)

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Your Twitter Avatar is the character Holo from the anime series Spice and Wolf. She calls herself Holo the Wise wolf.