Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Dance Together Dinosaurs by Jane Clarke & Lee Wildish (Children's, Picture book)

January 2012, Red Fox,
32 pages, Paperback 
Review copy

Themes: dance competition, different styles of dance, dinosaurs with their various characteristics, having fun, mild peril, superb costumes, lots of humour

 This fantastic rhyming romp is a magical mix of dinosaurs and dancing competitions. Each type of dinosaur has its own dance style, from tapping raptors to body popping triceratops.

But why do the judges keep disappearing?
Nayuleska's thoughts
With dance competitions being a national/global phenomena, learning about dance through dinosaurs is a fun idea. My favourite has to be the Ballet group because they include everyone. Keep an eye on what happens to the judges because it made me laugh (even though they didn't find it funny). I didn't quite understand the end because it looked like the key character for that scene was terrorizing one of its own kind. For that reason this gets 8/10.

Suggested read
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Charmaine Clancy said...

Dinosaurs are always a big hit in our house :)
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Nayuleska said...

What's the most popular type of Dinosaur do you have, Charmaine?