Friday, 8 October 2010

Dinosaur Chase! by Benedict Blathwayt

February 27th, 2007 (reprint edition)
Review Copy

Children's Picture Book
Summary from Random House

Fin is a dinosaur unlike any other—teased for his "spindly little legs, bony tail and feeble fluffy arms." But despite his odd appearance, when a gang of four big, bullying dinosaurs chase him into the woods, Fin outwits them one by one. All except the meanest, fiercest dinosaur of all who follows him right to the top of the mountain, where Fin takes a giant leap of faith and discovers . . . he can fly!

Dinosaur fanatics will adore Benedict Blathwayt’s beautifully detailed illustrations as much as they will love witnessing how the first dinobird discovered he knew how to fly.

Mom's Thoughts
Eek! Another bedtime story about dinosaurs. The kids love dinosaurs, I love bedtime books that end quickly and rhyme. It's easier to memorize them if they rhyme. Sitting down to read the text I was a little trepidatious, but this is a really cute read.

The story has a nice flow. Fin - the funny dinosaur with feathers - races against some big bullies. As Fin overcomes each obstacle one bully drops out until Fin is racing the biggest, meanest dinosaur of them all to a cliff. And Fin can fly!

Although I would have liked to see the pictures labeled so we could discuss the dinosaur species without digging out another book, I really liked this book. The pace was good. The words are easy enough for a beginning reader to sound out, and there are some facts at the back of the book for kids with curious questions. There is also an accompanying CD with some versions of the book. That's nice, but not really necessary.

The Kids' Thoughts
Pictures! Although it's hard to drag a coherent book review out of a five-year-old I think we can safely say Little Miss Pink loves this book. It's been requested every bedtime for a week, and it's the book most likely to be left in the living room near the kids' favorite reading spot.

Final Conclusion
The pictures for Dinosaur Chase! are vibrant and fun. This would be a great gift for a new reader or any younger child fascinated with dinosaurs. There is also a good lesson on being yourself and why it's okay to be different in the subtext that might appeal to a child who is feeling just a little left out right now.

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