Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech (Young Adult)

2003 edition, Bloomsbury
310 pages, Paperback (this cover is for a hardback version, but mine was paperback) 
Borrowed from a friend who thought I'd like it

Themes: orphans, cruel orphanage, cruel foster parents, ideal foster parents, a little abuse & neglect, fear, seemingly impossible dreams, hiking, boats, handcrafts, baking, building trust,

Summary from Bloomsbury
 Tiller and Sairy live a quiet life in Ruby Holler, their children have long since left home and they are happy with their routines. Until one day they each decide they want to undertake a big adventure and they need companions to accompany them. And now it gets exciting because they adopt two children from the local orphanage and form an unlikely foursome for the children can not believe they are really 'wanted' and Tiller and Sairy have to deal with some pretty unconventional behaviour on the part of the children.
Nayuleska's thoughts
This is a happy ending on a short life filled with neglect for Dallas & Florida. The twins have learned to trust no one, which makes them paranoid when they finally are treated well. Their closeness can't be separated by time or space. This touching read gets 9/10 I'd have liked a bit more of a conclusion at the end. Plus the cover doesn't indicate that it's a children's book (it has since been rejacketed, but the paperback I read had the hardback's cover - that's why the link is to a hardback version).

You can find out more from Sharon and her books on her website.
Suggested read
For another harrowing tale of a trapped orphan which ends happily try My Name is Rose by Sally Grindley.

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