Monday, 21 November 2011

What Am I Watching? #2

Every so often life can get complicated, leaving my reading time at a premium...but that doesn't mean something interesting and fun didn't pass before my eyes. This meme was created for just those times to discuss the movies and programmes that I've recently watched. I'd love to hear your views on them if you've seen them too.

So, here's what I've been watching.....
The Unit
American TV show - Total of 4 seasons
12 years +
(Life in a special forces unit in the USA is never dull or uneventful. I love the Unit because I find life in the forces interesting, the characters work well together, it covers the lives of the wives as well as the Unit members, it covers some tough issues too, but there's quite a bit of pyrotechnics to keep a few of my friends happy...)

Season 4
Originally aired in Italian....though I'm watching the French version
(Winx - what can I say, it's really cool! Fairies living on earth [in this season], helping humans believe in them, as well as fighting various enemies!  My full review...)


Strawberry Marshmallow
(Super cute about the lives of 5 girls in Japan, I've only watched one episode but it's as fun as the manga [if not more so]. Think Azumanga Daioh, with some of the cuteness and humour of Aria, the Animation.)

So...what have you been watching or reading recently? Feel free to share!

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