Friday, 18 November 2011

Winx Season 4 review

Reading has been on an all time low this week as I haven't been well. However, I have been watching dvds, so I figured I can review them too! 

Today I'm having a brief look at Winx, season 4. Oh, it does contain spoilers (sorry), so if you haven't watched it all you might want to not read the review. 

(not entirely sure why it only has 3 of the girls on the front, and Roxy (the last Earth fairy) on the back....but it's still cute!)

I have the French version (I prefer it in French too). I love season 4 because although the world is in serious danger in the later part of the series, it is a lot lighter (apart from Naboo's death). Season 3 is really cool because of Enchantix, but there's a lot of tough challenges for each of the girls and sometimes I find it a bit too heavy. 

Season 4 sees the girls living in Gardinia as they try to find the last Earth Fairy, and free the other trapped Earth Fairies in a magical realm. There are the Fairy Hunters, who are super strong, and only Layla and Bloom's attacks affect them...that is until the girls get the power of Believix! 

(top row from left to right: Musa, Flora, Techna, bottom row from left to right: Stella, Layla, Bloom) 

I love all the transformations. Believix is really cool because watching all the Winx transform, they look so  happy. Considering that Believix is people's faith in them, and that as graduated fairies with immense power within them and being guardians of the world, no wonder they look utterly content! I love the hearts on Bloom's outfit, Flora's outfit screams 'nature girl', I love the colours of Stella's clothes, Techna looks more girly (which I like - wasn't all that fond of her outfit in season 1), Layla is Layla, Musa...I'm not overly fond of her outfit. And there's the plait which just looks a bit weird sometimes. (I realise I haven't gone into the different powers of Believix, or Lovix or Sophix, that will have to be for another time) 

It's fun watching the girls as they try to get people to believe in them, because they learn that although their powers can help people, people need to be dealt with carefully in order to believe in magic. Once they do start to believe in the girls, then chaos descends as the plot heats up. 

Okay, two final things before I go (I've no doubt I'll be back discussing more details another time). One huge, wonderful thing which I simple A.D.O.R.E in season for is the pet shop for the magical pets. It's really cool how the girls all run different parts: Bloom is on reception, Stella is on clothes and hair, Musa teaches the pets music, Flora looks after their health and Layla helps the pets keep fit. The magical pets are super cute, and pretty funny with their own personalities. Their owners also have personalities which make the show funny. The way the girls have to run the store, as well as fight their enemies is more realistic than if they didn't have a job. The store provides many light moments, as well as a few heavy ones. 

(These are the outfits the girls wear at the pet shop, along with their own magical pets) 

The final thing is the musical theme of this season. All the songs in all the seasons are fun. This season is more enjoyable because Musa starts to get her music career on Earth, but...wait for it...all the girls become a band! The songs are funky, and often rooted in meaning with what's going on in the story. Layla's on drums, Musa and Bloom sing, Stella's on guitar, I honestly can't quite remember what Flora's doing, I think she's on guitar too, and I think  Techna's on keyboard (but don't quote me). The music is an important part of the plot, and it's another creative outlet for the girls. 

(CD cover for one of the albums...yes I have the season 4 album, and the Winx in Concert dvd (English versions which are mostly easy listening))

Right, this is it for now. I love Winx each and every time I watch it. (& I've watched it a lot). I just notice more details in each episode, I understand the characters better, I love the girls and it's almost the only show I can say which cheers me up 100% (even when Naboo dies, the strength of friendship between the girls is a positive message to take away). 


Anonymous said...

Hey idk I'm confused is Nabu dead or in serious condition

Nayuleska said...

I honestly don't know. I've searched online about it, and no one seems to really know. Maybe we'll find out in season 5.