Sunday, 6 November 2011


(a nice, bright sunny picture to brighten up an overcast day (which is now night))

Very shortly I'm putting up a post for competition winners, but first up figured I'd have an early winter update on 'stuff'. 

I'm starting to read more books! This is a plus. Today I've read nearly 4 (ok so children's books can make it easier to finish a book, because some are super short (but correct length for age group). I feel more normal by breathing books. Sadly I still get too tired for reading, but that's what DVDs are for.

In conjunction with the post where I changed my focus of NRC (more on that it a minute), I can say for definite that I won't get to try new treatment until next year, and there's no guarantee it'll work. It's been a real relief to read lighter books. I can't remember where I saw it online, but I recently heard the comment about how dark Young Adult has become. In some cases that was very true. That's not a criticism, it's just how things are. I've needed humour and I haven't been disappointed. 

I don't always put a review up every day. I'm learning that if I'm not up for it, there's no way I'm posting up a review when I should  be resting. I know a few people who are glad I'm seeing sense in that area. 

I am reading other genres than children's - but apparently that's inevitable as I enjoy such a wide range. They will be on NRC for now, rather than the second blog for 12 years + books. Work on that is happening, but it's a huge project and will take time. 

You may have noticed that my reviews have morphed into a few sentences. That's turning out to be quicker for me to post, and somehow has cut the work down, which is always a plus. 

I think that's all the news I've got. There are some awesome books being published in 2012, it's such a privilege to be able to read them now. The problem is I mostly have to keep quiet because some of the reviews are for blog tours. 

Now that it's darker early, the best thing any of us can do is snuggle up with a blanket and read! 

(nose in a book = very good occupation) 

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