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Monarch by Michelle Davidson Argyle (Thriller) & EVENT CLOSEDcomp to win an ebook copy, International, ends 20th September

September 2011 (out now) , Rhemalda 
342 pages, ebook & paperback
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Themes: lots of action, secrets, aspects of trust, broken/mending families, divorce, cheating, deceit, friendship blossoming, moving away from the past, guns, a little moderate romance, high peril, tissues needed especially at the end

Summary from Rhemalda
Nick's life as a CIA spy should be fulfilling, but it has only given him unhappiness - a wife who committed suicide and two daughters who resent everything he has become. Now, stuck in the Amazon on the last mission of his career, he must track down Matheus Ferreira, a drug lord and terrorist the U.S. has tried to bring down for years. If he succeeds, he'll have the chance to start his life over again. 

Just when he's on the brink of catching Ferreira, he's framed for a murder that turns his world upside down. His only chance of survival lies in West Virginia where Lilian Love, a woman from his past, owns the secluded  Monarch Inn. He's safe, but not for long.... 

Nayuleska's reasons for loving Nick...he knows how to fight, has oodles of experience to use in protecting those he loves, but some challenges he faces are brand new and life changing. 

Is there another character who deserves a mention? Yes - bug girl! Also known as violet. Bug girl is my nick name for her. I've watched her character grow stronger over various drafts of the novel and she really shines in this final version. 

How evil/nasty is the enemy? You shouldn't mess with those connected to the drug industry unless, like Nick, there isn't a choice. Men plus drugs plus guns = someone always gets hurt. 

Are there lots of plot twists and surprises? There are a fair number of mysteries which the reader is in suspense about until the end. It wasn't a surprise as I have read earlier versions, so I was cheering when I got to my favourite parts of the book which shine brightly now. 

One of my favourite parts was...the final showdown. It has lots of tensions, lots of 'oh no!' moments. I like the tragedies which occur because they really played on my emotions, even though I'd read earlier versions. 

I love Monarch, and I'm giving it 8/10 - there was a few places I didn't gel with it 100%, and occasionally I didn't understand Lilian's way of thinking, but I loved the rest of it. 

Be sure to find out more about Michelle on her website

Suggested read
Ice Station by Matthew Reilly which is chock full of action, espionage and danger. 

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Sarita said...

I have Michelle's book Cinders and I thought it was great. I just about started to cry when it was finished.

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