Saturday, 9 July 2011

Winners of the Magic of Books competition

It is an overcast day, which makes it perfect for letting three people know they've won a book from my bookshelf! 

The Magic of Books competition stemmed from wanting to share my passion for books with others, as books get me through the chaos of life. I had a staggering 142 entries - lots of you want books! (A good thing). 

At my discretion, because I've hit 1000 posts here on Nayu's Reading corner, I'm increasing the winners from 3 people to 5! 

They are...


lulu osbourne!

Coralie Pearson! 



Congratulations to everyone! Wow, there's a double win! Barrel also won the Mistress of the Storm competition the other day! The numbers are totally random thanks to a random number generator, which makes it very cool when that happens. 

By the end of tomorrow (10th July) you can expect an email with the book I plan to send to you. I will change  the choice if you've already got it, or if you really don't like the genre of the book. 

There's still a competition going to win a copy of Elixir by Hilary Duff, so be sure to check that out. 

Thank you to everyone who entered, and I hope you continue enjoying the blog. 

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