Thursday, 14 July 2011

Ribbit Rabbit by Candace Ryan, illustrated by Mike Lowery

February 2011, Bloomsbury
32 pages, Paperback
Review copy

Children's, Picture Book

All aspects of friendship including arguments and making up, a lot of humour

Summary from Bloomsbury (having minor Blogger Gremlin issues and can't get this summary formatted in an aesthetic way - sorry!)

Frog and Bunny are the best of friends. Ribbit, rabbit. Rabbit, ribbit. 
                      They do everything together – like fight monsters! Ribbit, rabbit. Zip it, zap it.And even though they don’t always get along . . . Ribbit, rabbit. Trip it, trap it! They always make up in the end. Ribbit, rabbit. Rabbit, ribbit.

Nayuleska's reasons for loving Bunny...I choose Bunny as the character to focus on because Im bunny mad. I loved how bunny had so much fun with Frog, and the way Bunny argued then made up.

What style are the illustrations? Similar medium bright colours that looks like crayon or paint.

Is the book interactive and/or are the illustrations engaging? The pictures will definitely give readers a lot to think about regarding friendships. 

Are there any messages put forward to the reader? It really shows how tiny things can set off an argument between friends, that it is lonely when you cant talk to your friend but there will be a time when you can forgive each other and get on again.

My favourite part was when... Bunny and Frog argued because it brought back strong feelings of when I fell out with friends temporarily at school.

I give this 9/10

Suggested reads
For a book which also shows friends falling out then making up, try Princess Poppy: Playground Princess by  Janey Louise Jones

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