Friday, 15 July 2011

More blog changes on the horizon!

Updated 2nd December 2012: there is no 2nd blog now, everything is all here on NRC.

Quick post as I'm rather tired and not quite up for a review.

In line with changing NRC to focusing on children's books 0-11 years, there will at some point be a second blog, Nayu's Reading Den, for all the 11 years + books. I really want to try and make NRC 100% children friendly. At the moment there is a fair bit of content not appropriate for younger readers.

The reviews already on NRC will slowly move over to the second blog. All 11+ reviews now will eventually be turned into a picture, title and a link to where the review will be posted on the new blog.

Wherever possible (and when I remember) each review title will have the intended age range, to make it easy to see which posts may be appropriate.

This process will take a long time - I've managed to bribe a friend to help me out with this, as it's a fairly big job. Once it has all happened there will naturally be a debut opening for NRD, and probably a competition here on NRC to celebrate being for children.

If you have any comments/suggestions for making NRC more children friendly, please either add a comment or drop me an email (details on the side under my review policy). The current blog layout for NRC is staying. Only the tabs and the people under list of distributers will be switched to the other blog.

Thank you for following NRC, and being patient with all the new changes!

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