Sunday, 24 July 2011

Octonauts and the Whale Shark

2011, Simon and Schuster
pages, Paperback
Review copy

Children's, picture book

Facts about the ocean, lots of humour, team work, very mild peril,

Summary from Simon and Schuster

The Octonauts follows a team of adventure heroes who dive right into action whenever there is trouble under the sea. In a fleet of amazing aquatic vehicles, the Octonauts explore incredible new underwater worlds, rescue wonderful sea creatures, and often save the day before returning safely home to the Octopod. Under the leadership of Captain Barnacles Bear, closely flanked by Lieutenant Kwazii Cat and Medic Peso Penguin, the Octonauts are always ready to embark on an exciting new mission!

The Octonauts and the Whale Shark
The Octoalert is sounded when Dashi gets accidentally swallowed by a whale shark! It's up to Barnacles, Peso and Kwazii to venture inside the huge fish to rescue her. Octonauts, to your stations!

Nayuleska's reasons for loving the Octonauts...they are very cute explorers and rescuers, who never have a dull moment.

What style are the illustrations? Brightly coloured, matches exactly with the TV show animation style.

Are the illustrations engaging/interactive? I think they are very engaging especially if the reader has watched the TV show (which can be viewed online), because it's easier to imagine the story (even if the show hasn't been watched it's a fun read).

Is there a message for the reader to take away? Readers will learn a fair amount about basking sharks and the sea.

My favourite part was...when the Octonauts were summoned into action because it showed four of them relaxing, each doing a different activity. It's good to show that people do different activities in their free time.

Be sure to check out the Octonaut website.

I have watched part of a show which is even cuter than the book (which gets 10/10 from me) 

Suggested reads
For more sea based adventures try Shark in the Dark by Nick Sharratt

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