Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Nayu's DVD Watching Challenge #4 Winx Club, Alias, Shakugan no Shana

It's week 5 of my DVD watching challenging! For various reasons last week this post didn't happen. But lets see what I've been reading the past two weeks! 

First lets have a look at my progress on The Winx Challenge!

Last week's goals = finish season 2 and make a start on seasons 3.
Actual goal = I am on disc 1 of season 4! 

Yup, you read write. As I was ill over the weekend (didn't feel right, rested up, but was off work on Monday), I watched Winx. I finished season 3. I love it for the Enchantix powers the girls have, the transformations are lovely, the power they get from it is incredible. The power of Valtor (the bad guy in this series) is phenomenal. But the girls have to give up so much in this series, to get what they need. 

Bloom learns more about her biological parents. Her Enchantix power isn't complete, because she's so special. But she finds a strength within her core which suits her dragon power, which is shown when she changes into Enchantix 

Flora has a cute little sister, who she gives her life for, and thus gets her Enchantix. 

Techna gives her life in the world to save another community. Only her boyfriend Timmy never gives up on her. Her Enchantix is nice because her hair is actually a little long. 

Layla discovers she is to be married to someone she's never met...but, as often can be the case in arranged marriages, she is very well suited to her fiance. 

Stella is Stella. She actually learns that beauty isn't everything, and she happily gives it up to save the world. She gets her Enchantix when she saves her father. 

Musa has some pretty nifty moves. I'm having a brain cloud moment and can't remember how she got her Enchantix! This is bad. I do need food though. Oh well! She looks so happy when she transforms - they all do, but her and Flora in particular look happy. 

After seasoon 3 ended, I watched the Winx film. Couldn't sleep until midnight! It was awesome! The girls are in 3D, and finally I understand why Bloom doesn't discuss her parents in season 4 - she finds them in the film! I was tearing up a lot. The Enchantix powers are as awesome as ever. There are much higher stakes in the film, and the ancestral witches (evil!!!) play a big role. But its lovely. Really lovely. Especially some of the girls' costumes. 

So this week it'll be on with season 4! Yay! I love it because they are going out into the wider world, using their power to help people on Gardinia (Blooms home town) believe in them (such a big clue when the new power for the girls is Believix & it's very awesome!) I love Winx!!! 

This week's goal = finish disc 1 of season 4. 

Next up: Alias

Last week's goal = get onto disc 2 of season 2

Um yes, this so didn't happen. When I feel rubbish, I need things to cheer me up. Alias isn't a feel good series. It is - but its quite dark too. So I didn't watch it. 

This week's goal: get onto disc 1 of season 2 (I'll aim lower...)

Next up: my 3rd challenge, Shakugan no Shana!

Last weeks' goal = to move on to disc 3.

This week's goal: = to move on to disc 3. 

Yup, like Alias, I haven't watched it. Been watching Winx!!!!! & also spent the day watching Maria Watches Over Us - I got onto season 2. 

That's it for this week's goals - here's to completing them by next week!


Book Angel Emma said...

Great choices - my girls like Winx Club :D

Nayuleska said...

Have they seen all of them yet? Season 4? The film?

*I love Winx!*