Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Medusa Project: Double-Cross by Sophie McKenzie

June 1st 2011, Simon and Schuster
240 pages, Paperback
Review copy

Children's, thriller,

Special powers, jealousy, distrust, fugitives, breaking and entering, betrayal, deception, startling family secrets, huge revelations, lots of action, a little humour, a tissue might be needed

Summary from Simon and Schuster
Narrated by Nico, Double-Cross is full of telekinetic action as the Medusa Project team arrive in Sydney, Australia, for another exciting mission - and come face-to-face with two more Medusa teens: Cal, a boy who can fly, and Amy, a girl who can shapeshift... but who is double-crossing who?

Nayuleska's reasons for loving Nico....He isn't my favourite character because he is such an idiot in how he perceives certain elements of this story. However, when he is focused on the task in hand he can work hard, and will do anything to keep his friends safe. He's also a caution of what can happen when people with special abilities take a few steps over the line between good and evil.

Is there another character who deserves a special mention? Amy - it was really nice to have another person with abilities on the scene. Her power can be abused, making her someone who needs protecting. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her in future books.

How evil/nasty is the enemy? They may be fleeing Gina's grasp, but Nico and his friends still have a lot to fear from her, as her network for tracking them is large. Cal's own family have a few secrets to hide, secrets which Nico is eager to find out.

Are there plenty of plot twists and surprises? There are plenty of them - the ones involving Nico really stunned me.

One of my favourite parts was...when Amy got some page time. I'm pretty intrigued by her, she's quite funny, and clearly wants to be part of the team. Her abilities are underestimated by her brother, Ed, and could be very useful in future adventures.

This latest story in the series definitely ticks all the right boxes for me, and gets 10/10.

Suggested reads
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I am reading this book and loving it, I love Sophie's books!