Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Gargoylz On The Go! Burchett & Vogler

August 2010, Red Fox
128 pages, Paperback
Review copy

Children's, Fantasy 5-7 years

Mischief, mayhem, bullies, half-term holidays, minor sibling rivalry, mothers in despair, hyperactive boys, 

It's half term and Max and Ben need a hobby, but the Gargoylz don't want to be left out. Soon the boys are up to all sorts of mischief while kayaking, go-karting and outwitting Enemy Agents at every turn. It's all in a day's work for top superspies like Max and Ben - with a little help from their Gargoyle friends

Nayuleska's thoughts
I always look forward to reading the Gargoylz books because virtually every sentence makes me laugh. Max and Ben have so much energy - normal of any boys their age. Their imagination is clever - they love their spy world, using code names for everyone around them (which are more fun than real names), and words for operations too. Every event is exciting to them. Having Gargoylz that come to life add to that fun. Ben and Max are quite capable of landing themselves in trouble through normal play. 

The word excitement is pushed to the extreme with the Gargoylz lending a hand! Gargoylz like trying out everything the boys do. They don't have a concept of being quiet, nor do they have the strength to control a great dane. As for what happens when they get put in a kayak - well, the boys quickly found a way to keep the Gargoylz quiet! The usual Gargoylz are around (Toby & Zack), but on the dog walking adventure Ben and Max discover a new Gargoyle, who hasn't been in his Gargoyle form for a very long time. I hadn't thought that object could be a Gargoyle - it took me by surprise! 

As with every Gargoylz book, there is a codeword to find in the book (which will unlock a level of a game on the Gargoylz website), and a sticky Gargoyle toy to play with (mine is orange, and looks like the new Gargoyle Abel)

Final conclusion
As well as being a cheerful read, this book actually has a few hints on what to do with children during half term. Some might need a warning regarding amount of washing powder to use, and what defines helping to tidy up a room! 

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