Tuesday, 7 December 2010

British Book Challenge 2011

Considering I've got 3 other reading challenges planned for 2011, and I've never taken part in a challenge before, I was surprised to find myself entering this challenge, created by Becky over at The Bookette. However, as I read it I thought 'I can do this'. I'm pretty sure I'll definitely read 12 books by British authors. I can't post up any titles just yet, but I will post them up as I read them.

I'm aiming for 50 books. Given the amount I read in a year (which I think might be over 300, but I'm not quite sure), 50 is a reasonable amount.

I think this is an awesome idea, and full credit to Becky for organising it all (including fun competitions to win British Books for participants!)

  1. You Against Me by Jenny Downham (1st Jan) 
  2. Wereworld: Rise of the Wolf by Curtis Jobling (Jan)
  3. Angel Boy by Bernard Ashley (Jan)
  4. Payback by Rosemary Hayes (Jan)
  5. The Robber Baron's Daughter by Jamila Gavin (Jan) random
  6. First Girl by Gloria Whelan (Jan)
  7. Homeless Bird by Gloria Whelan (Jan)
  8. The Left Hand of God by Paul Hoffman (Jan)
  9. The Iron Witch by Karen Mahoney (Jan) 
  10. 0.4 by Mike Lancaster
  11. Death in the Desert by Jim Eldridge (Jan 27th)
  12. Runaways by Joe Layburn (Jan) 
  13. Death in the Desert by Jim Eldridge (Jan) 

Jan 23rd: I'm 1/5th nearer to my goal! Whoohoo! 


Becky said...

Yay! Thanks for signing up Nayu. Three challenges? I think you must be goal-orientaed LOL.

I wish you the best of luck and the discovery of some great British authors!

Nayuleska said...

This one makes it 4 challenges :D Heehee - yup, I hope to find a lot of new ones. Considering how until I started reviewing most of my books were by American authors, this is a good challenge.