Tuesday, 22 June 2010

COMPETITION CLOSED Win a set of Maggi Gibson's Sassy series! (UK only)

Behind these funky covers, lies a  trying-to-save-the-world girl.

Seriously Sassy: Crazy Days is the 3rd book in Maggi Gibson's series about the lovable Sassy. (Blogger didn't want to let me put these in order. I tried. They won. Stupid gremlins.) Sassy is on a journey to become a rock star. That's her passion, along with trying to save the world at the same time. I haven't read the other two Seriously Sassy and Seriously Sassy:Pinch Me, I'm Dreaming. However, that didn't affect my enjoyment of Crazy Days. I can say it'll make you laugh an awful lot. My review is to follow shortly, but until then here's what the book involves:

* Sassy trying to do good things. But it doesn't always end up that.
* An all or nothing outlook on life. I shared this when I was older than Sassy - moderation is the key.
* Pink paper (it has great significance)
* The deep bonds of friendship.
* A happily chaotic family life for Sassy.
* A way of entering a house that I hadn't considered, but one that's pretty cool.

The lovely people at Puffin are giving one of you the chance to win all three Sassy books!

Prize: one set of all three Seriously Sassy books
How to enter: Put in the comments below what you did when you were 12-13 to save the world.

Rules: If you are under 18, you may enter if you get a parent or guardian's permission to enter. This keeps everyone safe. UK entrants only please.

The deadline:  2pm GMT on Thursday 1st July. Winner will be drawn by a random number generator. The winner will be notified by email by me, and announced here. I'll then pass your details directly onto the Puffin publicity team who will send out the books.

Thank you to Maggi Gibson for writing such a great series, and also to the wonderful Puffin team.


asamum said...

These sound brilliant for the 9 year old monster :D I cant remember what I did at 12/13 lol it was sooo long ago

Nayuleska said...

Please do enter if you'd like to! So far, have had one entry.

Wendy said...

have em again hope get this one as the books sounds fab @kikicomp

happyfox said...

I went on a 30 mile sponsored walk for Oxfam at 13 - on the hottest day of the year. Only kept going 'cos my friend kept telling me to give up. Head wasn't impressed when I had to stay off school the next day because of the blisters, but I did feel virtuous!


Wendy said...

I went on peace camps & joined CND when I was 13 to save the world