Friday, 19 March 2010

Questions Answered

Due to inspiration to perform a little bit of spring cleaning, yesterday I asked if anyone had questions for me. Krispy and her friend came up with three good ones. Thanks for asking the questions! If you'd like to know anything more, just leave a comment.

1)How did you get started being a book reviewer? (Or as my friend put it when I told her about your blog, how does one get to do that and get all those books?!)

I started nearly a year ago. I was new to the idea of blogs. I loved the fact that I could rave about books and people might listen to what I say, instead of having their eyes glaze over as they nod in the right places (not everyone I know shares the same taste in books). So I started reviewing books from the library, or books that I liked. I spent hours tracking down catalogues for publishers (I'm not exaggerating. Catalogues are sometimes hidden. Equally well hidden can be contact details). I would email publishers once a month, requesting books. Initially I got one or two of my requests fulfilled. I understand why - I was a newbie, an unknown book reviewer.

Slowly, as I posted up more reviews, the number of ARC's increased. The floodgates opened up after the Launch Party for Keren David. I was mentioned in Book Brunch (which is a good thing, trust me on that). I started getting requests from publicists and authors. That impromptu party has helped me out a lot. The more I review, the easier it is to get books. And the faster my ARC pile grows. At times it can be a little daunting, but I know publishers are happy if reviews might be a few weeks (or months...) down the line to when I get the books. That's the way of book reviewing. I am also a writer, so time has to be spent writing. And relaxing too :)

So I guess I became a book reviewer/got the books through persistence, opportunities, and lots of reading.

2)What's your favorite book you read recently?

*wails* What, I have to pick one? I love them all! I guess, the one which is on my mind a lot is Beauty's Curse by Traci E Hall. My problem is that I do love virtually all the books I review. That's why I'm not (yet) narrowing down the genre of books I review. I like being eclectic.

3)And a random question: what place would you like to visit that you haven't been to already?

This one is easy! Japan. I'm anime, video game, manga, sushi, language mad. I love so much about Japan. One day, I hope to get there. Which part of Japan? Probably a few locations -if I get the chance to go, I intend to do a little tour :)


Rose Works Jewelry said...

That was a lot of fun to read :)

Keren David said...

What I love about this is that you did a really nice thing for me..and then lots of good stuff came your way! This is the way the world is meant to work.

Yunaleska said...

Thanks RWJ!

Keren :) I honestly just wanted you to have fun. The snow stopped a lot of things. It's cool what's come out of it :)

Krispy said...

Thanks for answering my questions! So that's how you get all those beautiful books.

I guess it's about equally far as Japan for you, but if you ever come out to California, Anime Expo is over July 4th weekend in the LA-ish area. And I'll rec some Japanese restaurants too. ;)