Thursday, 18 March 2010


I'm off doing a little bit of spring cleaning, so I figured if you've got any questions you'd like to ask, please do!

It can be about this blog, the processes involved in being a book reviewer, how I choose/receive my books or other random questions.

I would rather be blogging than doing housework, but some things are unavoidable. It's either do it now...or do it tomorrow. I'd prefer to have an extra hour or two reading tomorrow, so tonight is the night for mini-spring clean.


Krispy said...

How did you get started being a book reviewer? (Or as my friend put it when I told her about your blog, how does one get to do that and get all those books?!)

What's your favorite book you read recently?

And a random question: what place would you like to visit that you haven't been to already?

Hope that's not asking too much. :) Good luck with housework!

Yunaleska said...

I lasted one hour before reaching for a book!

Krispy, I will definitely answer these q's in a separate post. The first is quite in depth, and actually quite appropriate because I have my one year blog anniversary shortly :)