Monday, 14 September 2020

Wulfie Stage Fright by Lindsay J Sedgwick and Josephine Wolff (Children's, 9 years +, 9/10E)

3rd September 2020, Little Island, 128 pages, Paperback, Review copy

Summary from Little Island

Wulfie is just like a puppy – fluffy and adorable. But unlike a puppy, he talks. And he’s purple. His favourite food is smelly socks. He can be small as a snail or big as a bear. He’s sweet and loyal and he’s Libby’s new best friend.

Libby longs to star in the school play, and with Wulfie’s help she just might get a chance to outshine her big bad brother, Rex.

Nayu's thoughts

I want a Wulfie! I know that Libby needs him, she has a cinderella style life with little love from her father - he doesn't seem to know or care that all she may eat in a day is an apple because her evil stepmother decides she doesn't deserved a sandwich because Libby made her precious, obnoxious, bully of a son's sandwich 'too small'. What kind of parenting is that?? I'm amazed she survives on so little food. Just as the bullying gets too much with scary tales from Rex, Wulfie appears!  

I'd love a purple, size-changing wolf like creature with me. Libby has a lot of fun with him, although he causes chaos including getting her into the play despite her being at home during auditions, thanks to yet another of her stepmother's punishments. He has a unique way of eat things, and then smelling like the opposite of what he ate which causes trouble. No matter what size he is Wulfie has a big heart which does, eventually, help make Libby's life a lot easier. 

This tale is full of laughs, and a bit of child neglect. There was part of the story that I'd wanted and expected plot development on, but nothing really came of it. It looked like an adult knew about Wulfie, an adult who would understand him.  I hope that any future books in the series address that it does develop more, as I honestly thought it might help save Libby from her awful family situation. At least she finally got to have an ice cream sundae! The illustration style is sweet and while the scary parts are scary, at least Wulfie is seen being mischievous and does what I'd wanted him to do when he is at school with Rex!

Find out more on Lindsay's website. 

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