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Stickii Club: sticker club subscription review

Envelope front
 I love my stickers. My friends know how much I love stickers because I have a tendency to put them all over envelopes and inside cards that I give. I like making things beautiful with cute stickers, which is why when Stickii Club got in touch asking if I wanted to review one of the packs they provide I said yes. Just look how cute the envelope is! I can't show you all of it as it has my address on, but seeing that cuteness immediately had me excited. How did I choose my pack? Well here are the three choices you can pick from each month:Or you can have more than one if you want!

Cute Pack: More cuteness than you ever thought could be stuffed in one package! This is for all those who love things super kawaii. Only get this if you’re cool with squealing uncontrollably.

Retro Pack: From the softer side of the provincial life to Victoriana to nature, this pack is for those who love things a bit more on the vintage side. Each pack contains stickers that are more like tiny works of art.

Pop Pack: Quirky. Offbeat. But always fun. March to the beat of a different drum? Don’t have a drum? These stickers are for you – those who want something unique and apart from the norm but still very cool.

Envelope back

I frequently squeal uncontrollablly in my head so obviously the cute pack was for me. Before I look at each sticker pack individually, check out the selection I put on my laptop which has somehow escaped being stickerfied by me. They are upside down so I know which way to open my laptop (stickers facing towards me) at a glance.

Oh so cute!!! This is how I arranged it in the single A5 binder pocket they provide with the stickers - I was too eager to take photo when they arrived. 
The file is a bit bent but that was entirely my fault, it wasn't bent when it arrived.
I like that the pocket has two spaces at the top to put the stickers, there is a half size pocket at the bottom, then a full length pocket at the back.
Front view in folder

Back view in folder - those are one of my fave outfits for Ichigo in Aikatsu
I have quite a few such binders - only either trading card binders are different to normal A5 binders, or A5 binders in Japan are different to American A5 binders, (Stickii is based in America) because I had to add an extra hole so it would fit in my binder.There are just 6 holes in the clear pocket you get to keep them in.I like how each sticker sheet has a Stickii sticker on! And the one in top right hand corner can be put on the binder and wherever else you like. I hadn't expected the pocket file, so it was a real treat.

You can see from the front view in the Stickii pocket that there aren't just stickers in the subscription pack! I got two tiny envelopes each with 2 sheets of decorated paper - the Japanese reads yummy! These are perfect to go with a present when not much needs saying. 

As a cat lover these went down extremely well. I got an adorable sheep paper clip,

which does a fine job at keeping the individual stickers together. 

I got a chocolate themed stack of post it notes as shown previously in the pocket picture
Look how happy this choco cookie guy is!
Now we get on to the stickers! First we have some cheerful chicks
So many cute expressions!

then some highly appropriate for me crochet and yarn themed sheep stickers. 
All the sayings a relevant

Here are the panda stickers in all their glory! 
All looking like stamps!

There are some cute bubble stickers
The texture and colour look like bubbles!

Some pastel animals
These look so fluffy! They aren't fluffy, they are simple silhouettes.

And some adorable cats with attitude stickers. 

Overall the stickers are easy to peel off. I had a few issues with the last three sheets I've mentioned, my family thought they may be transfers, but they really are stickers, just quite hard to find where to peel them off (I don't really have nails...). It all arrived flat and pristine - all creases are from me. 

Everything is of high quality and I would honestly pay way more for these stickers separately than if I got this subscription set, making great value for money at $12.50 a month for international subscribers including postage, which is around £10.30. I am only not signing up due to not having loads of money (and saving for games). I almost never buy stickers, my family give them to me as presents. This easily fits in a letter box so would make a good gift, either as a one off present or a monthly subscription. I probably will treat myself occasionally to a set!

You can find all the details on Stickii  Club's website, which sells individual items as well as the subscription boxes - best of both worlds! 

Be sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook   #stickiiclub (sadly not Twitter, which is the only social media I really do these days)

A huge thank you to Stickii Club for getting in touch and provide me with a review copy of their service. I was thrilled to be asked and so many cute stickers and notes makes me very happy! 

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