Monday, 15 April 2019

Nayu's News #246 Winter Returns + Pokemon Go fun

If only I could bribe this Pokemon to influence the real world weather....(Picture source unknown)

This time of year feels like the weather should be getting warmer, but unfortunately England is enduring a cold spell due to various air currents and weather stuff that I have no clue about. It is due to get warmer in a few days, but the lowest temp is still way too low for my comfort as my body is stupid and bases itself around the lowest temperature of the day, so I'm hibernating this week! Got lots of gaming and reading planned, especially with tomorrow's My Time At Portia launch on Switch (+ Xbox One + Playstation 4) you will know what I'm doing! 

Have to go out today for routine doctor's app so I will be checking out Pokemon Go stops on my way there - yes, I now have Pokemon Go! I will do a full post soon about it all, I won't do all the walking, for obvious reasons, but if I go somewhere I will check to see if they have anything. Although I do wonder the logic of putting Pokestops at war memorials...I guess maybe they want to encourage people to visit them? I didn't expect anything where I live in the country, so it's a great blessing. I won't take on a gym, but staying home I've caught quite a few so far! Would love to know if you play it too. 

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