Sunday, 23 September 2018

Winter Review Policy Activation

Time for a news bulletin!

For those of you who didn't see last year's post about my Winter Review Policy because you were busy and/or are new readers, my winter review policy means that I don't accept books for review from the date of this post until 1st March 2019. There are exceptions which I will explain later on.

I have permanent health issues including fatigue and chronic pain. Unfortunately my body adversely reacts to colder weather (anything below 10C), rain, snow, ice and hail. Oh and thunderstorms. I wish I was joking, but I like to hibernate as much as I can in winter to let my body be relaxed as it battles against the elements. Review is fun but it does use energy, so I'm simply conserving what I have. 
Even if I'm super cozy inside my body still knows the temperature outside.
There will be posts throughout the next few months, they will just be more gaming reviews and reviews of my own books rather than ones I get sent for review. It's easier to do a near-blanket ban on book reviews for a few months than having to apologise for being ill, which has happened over the last few weeks with unexpected illness. 

I can be found on Twitter most days, usually tweeting game related info on whatever I'm playing with at the time. Come find me @Nayuleska
Fanart (not by me) of favourite vocaloid Mikku in a winter outfit (let's not get into how she isn't wearing tights)

This doesn't affect reviews I've already committed myself to between October and March 2019
 I am upholding those, this is more for anyone requesting a review from today will probably get a negative response from me. I will answer emails explaining that as I know not everyone checks back on my review policy (or on the type of genres I do review...). I will try and repost this post once a month in the absence of being unable to sticky a post here. 
An accurate depiction from an unknown artist of how I feel in winter
I hope I can start accepting books for review sooner than March, but it does depend entirely on the weather. If we have a good winter, I'll accept books sooner. However, if we have a bad winter that I may have to extend the Winter Policy into April which I did earlier this year. I simply won't know until I get to February, which isn't for a few months yet! I appreciate your understanding in this policy change. 
The exceptions are if you are one of my favourite authors! 
 I will always accept your books, they may still get a delay in review.
Me reading in winter when my body wants to be like a bear and sleep all the time (I don't).
Due to the last few weeks being full of pheasants (see linked post for details) I've already got a bit of a backlog of reviews, making this policy activation vital. 
Once again thank you for your understanding, I hope you stay well this winter and enjoy the posts I do get up!  I hope this is all clear - please let me know if you have any questions. I promise this blog isn't going dark until March 2019! If you are able to wait until March for a review then please do still ask me to do them. I really appreciate your continued support and understanding for changes related to my blogging schedule. 
Sadly not drawn by me

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