Friday, 21 September 2018

Nayu's News #244 It's all about the pheasant

I love birds!
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For those of you who live in the countryside in England the pheasant is a bird you'll be familiar with. If you don't know what it is, the pheasant seems to be the dumbest bird in the world. It will lie in wait at the side of the road, take a step or two into the road just as you are driving up, then the chaos begins. If it likes you it'll scuttle across the road to the other side. If it's feeling particularly demonic, it will take a few steps out, making you stop (if you can), go back or almost go to the other side then go back to it's original starting position. They are a menace on the roads, more so than crazy drivers on any vehicle. 

This week I'd planned to both read some more books and review them before today, as well as get a few general posts up to tide you over while I have and recover from my mega strong meds tonight. The universe had other ideas: cue one disagreement between my head and a garage door later and I ended up simply resting instead (mostly with gaming which I don't have to think about because it's automatic, unlike reading new books which takes a bit of effort). Definitely having a load of pheasants in my figurative life right now! 

So apologies for the lack of posts in the next week, I've clearly run into a couple of pheasants this week (not literally). 

No brainless birds were harmed in the making of this post. 
Wish birds acted like they do in Disney's Cinderella and were helpful around the house like this bird is!

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