Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Nayu's Feature Posts #3 Water Safety with Royal Life Saving Society UK 2018

Image provided by RLSS UK
 I got approached by Royal Life Saving Society UK with tips on how to try and prevent water accidents. It's not the most pleasant of topics, but as you'll see in the post there are quite a lot of accidental drownings in water each year, and it's not necessarily always the people you hear about on the news. For some reason I didn't think people participating in water sports would be affected (surely they have life jackets and know about water safety), but they are. I knew about idiots who think it's fun to do cliff diving (NEVER DO IT!) and who invariable having severe or fatal accidents doing that. There are other surprising accidents with water. 

Because this is a PSA (public services announcement: something everyone should know) type post I am putting it on both my blogs, this one and Nayu's Reading Corner at the same time, to maximise the amount of people I can get this message towards. 

Here's the all important info: please share this with your friends and family, especially if they go near water. The first paragraph is directly from a RLSS UK email: 

Thousands of people are hospitalised due to near drowning experiences in the UK every year and hundreds more lose their lives. A national campaign to tackle the problem kicks off this week [this was in June, I'm a little later than planned posting this] and will see leisure centres, schools, businesses and communities uniting across the UK to try to prevent summer drowning tragedies. 

Here's an even easier image to remember the main points: 
This may be from a previous campaign - I got it from Google.
So wherever you are remember to stay safe this summer! 

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