Monday, 28 May 2018

Nayu's Gaming Time #11 Final Fantasy 9 Replay Part 1

I'm super happy replaying a game I haven't played since I got in on the original Playstation, Final Fantasy 9! Also known as FF IX. I've played it quite a bit the last few days because when I'm not well (see upcoming Over On Nayu's Crochet Dreams post for most recent life update) I often don't want super bright happy games. FF9 is predominantly muted colours, thus perfect for me. 

I still have and can play on the original game discs (I'm blessed with a backwards compatible PS3 which I pray never breaks), however I've chosen to play it on the Vita. The screen may be smaller than my TV, but it's portable which is what I actually dreamed about back in the days before portable games were that great. It seems exactly the same to me! 

He has a monkey like tail (in keeping with so many non-human species in this game)
 I actually find the main character, Zidane, all round weird and while I don't hate him, I don't like him much either (least of all because  he is a player in the non-gaming meaning of the word)..

Wish she used this cape more than in just the early part of the game.
 I absolutely adore Garnet (who changes her name to Dagger which I equally like), because so much happens to her, she is a responsible princess with an incredible power (albeit annoying because it takes several hours before I can summon eidolons or whatever the summoned creatures are called in this instalment of the FF series). 

Other favourite characters include Steiner, who provides loads of laughs for his upright manner (he's protecting Dagger)

Vivi, the cute little mage who I guess could be creepy because you can't see his face, but Vivi is Vivi, and I love the journey of self-discovery that he goes on. For the record the character in Qu's marsh who isn't Qu but whose name I've forgotten is supremely evil for not elaborating more on Vivi's grandfather (who isn't a biological family member) when little Vivi so clearly wanted to learn more. 

Not my screen shot
My other top favourite character which may be a surprise is Quina. Quina's gender has always been uncertain (I think this is the case for all Qus (at least I think that's the species)) which probably was quite groundbreaking at the time of the game, and is even more relevant in today's society.) I find Quina not creepy looking, I'm not sure why not, because the Qus aren't a human looking race and some find them freaky. I think I love Quina's naivety and mostly one track mind (searching delicious food)

This fanart captures Quina's priorities perfectly!
When I first played this game I was entirely useless using Quina's Blue Magic skill, which involved eating an enemy once it's health was quite low, and thus learning an ability through eating it. I've learned 2 abilities so far, none of which are that useful, but Quina is handy for helping my party when Dagger isn't with them (she is currently separated from them-clever girl used a sleeping potion on the party to go on  her own adventure) because Dagger's cure ability is invaluable, and I'm a little grumpy at making do with potions. I do make buying enough potions a priority over any other item including weapons at the moment, stocking up 99 each time I visit a shop. 

I'm currently on my way to Burmecia, which reminded me why I probably hadn't replayed the game until now - the story gets grim, including genocide (I'm not kidding). I'm fairly sure the darker themes went over my head when I originally played it, they certainly don't know. I am making sure I play cute games alongside FF9 to counteract the darkness which unfortunately is another relevant topic in today's current world. 

Her husband is under the bell, which is immovable...until she waves his favourite food which Vivi had bought, the kupo nut (which is the same catch phrase Moogles are reknown for).
Last night I literally was playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp between battles in the Gizamaluke's Grotto to counteract the sadness of the dead Burmeceans. Bless the adorable pair of Moogles couple who add humour at this particular point in the game! 
I recently tweeted this photo because my purple hair matched the purple sea while the sun set! Such a cute, laid back game.
Future FF9 Replay posts will include exactly what the world map moogle says one you annoy it one too many times - it is so funny, given that moogles in general are cute, calm creatures (at least they are from my memory), my first FF9 chocobo sighting (thought Qu's marsh was their forest...) as well as game progress updates. I am using a walkthrough for this game - although I'm not finding many secrets so I'm confident in just playing without it for now. As always I do try and level up between going to places, because this helps me get new abilities and make my characters stronger.

Please let me know if you enjoyed this post - I'm strongly considering making a lot more! 
A saying which Moogle fans will love - they say Kupo a lot, + in FF9 there is such a thing as Moogle mail where you take letters from various Moogles to their friends

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