Monday, 30 April 2018

Nayu's Gaming Time #10 Exciting rhythm games! #Deresute #Aikatsu #BanGDream

Yo! No idea who this cute girl is - if you do please let me know!

So the past however many days I've been mostly quiet online I've been resting up - family had a cold, then my body wanted to have a tantrum, and then I just took a few days to unwind. I mostly did normal things, and will be scheduling up some reviews tomorrow (I ran out of energy for today), but there's some major gaming excitement going on! 

I won't keep you hanging (I need this post written pronto), but for those who don't follow me on Twitter I play a lot of Love Live School Idol Festival (both Japanese & Worldwide version) and also the Disney Tsum Tsum game. I've tried another idol game Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage but my tablet was too old for it so it wouldn't play after a few software updates. It refused to play Aikatsu Photo On Stage, which is a major Aikatsu!  fan was more than annoying. 
Mizuki is one of my favourite Aikatsu! characters!

This year through the SIF Reddit group I knew there was a new Love Live game coming, Puchiguru, which is a bit like the Tsumtsum game, plus the much awaited All Stars which will involve 3D models of the girls singing. My tablets are too old to play them but thankfully my family have older (but still quite new) tablets they no longer use so I've been waiting months for the chance to have one of said tablets for myself. Yesterday was that day, and I'm super happy to be playing all the games I couldn't! 
Swap this for a tablet with games & this was me yesterday!

So far I've only played 2 games of Puchiguru Love Live, which is super cute and not too brain taxing. I've been reading guides about it so I know what to do. 

It's an incredible thing to play a game almost from the time it launches!

The girls from both Muse and Aqours have Nesos (Love Live equivalent of Tsum Tsums) that have to be matched up for points
 Aikatsu! Photo On Stage actually works and is awesome! Although I need a lot of practice, tried to do an event song, managed a few but they got hard really quick. I have only normal cards and a few rares so my teams aren't great at all. 
I hope I can get cute cards like this one (at least I don't think it's fan art...) Adore Mahiru from Aikatsu Stars!

Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage and another game Bandori/Bang Dream will be downloaded after lunch today. I only plan to do log-ins and a little playing on them each week, which in itself is fun.
Will try to recover my account but unsure it will happen.

Another idol game - yay! Love
I'll do more indepth posts for the games I play soon, for now wanted to give you a taster of the delights I'm getting used to!
Leaving you with my dream Deresute (Cindrella Girls) card! Hope to get her one day!

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