Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Nayu's Gaming Time #7 Games I'm currently playing

No idea who this is, but she's cute, which many of my gaming characters are!
Hi all! As Autumn/Winter continues bringing colder weather I'm getting in more & more rest since my body so doesn't function properly at this time of year. That means lots of gaming is happening - yay! The arrival of my PS4 means I've mostly played PS4 games. That includes
Hatsune Miku Project Diva X: 
The songs on this Miku installment are fun, I like the stage style shows, and there's a novel way of getting outfits (although I wish that game play would stop during the outfit change so I can fully take in the beauty of the modules (the game's name for clothes)

Hatsune Miku Project Diva Future Tone 

The ultimate of ultimate Miku games, with over 200 songs (it's in 2 packs but I bought the bundle which allows me to switch hairstyles too! Sadly can't switch clothes/hairstyles between different characters. I mostly play as Miku, Luka and Rin. 
I've played all the easy songs, trying to do some normal ones but some of the button presses are more complex and extremely challenging. Normal level has more songs than easy including my favourites. I have recently downloaded the 2nd and 3rd bonus packs (think they were free...) which got me one of my favourite songs, Hand in Hand. You can see it on Youtube. I've watched a few PVs, where you can take photos at any point, which are then shown as the unfortunately short loading screen images! 

World of Final Fantasy

This is super cute, I love the FF10 style of skill upgrades for all the monsters captured. I haven't got too far yet, but I'm absolutely loving it! The inability to save whenever I want does limit when I play it, as I need to allow at least an hour because I've no idea where the save points are. I'm so fortunate to have ended up with a 1st day release version, so I can happily have the Japanese voice over!! I always prefer this to English.
Blue Reflection

Aside from the distinct lack of transformation scenes it is an incredible game. I love going on the missions to increase my character stats, and learning more about all the girls involved with Hinako. The fight scenes most definitely have a magical girl feel! 
Right now on my PS3 I'm working through
 Atelier Totori

This is after the frustrating Atelier Rorona which I did want to give up on - the time limit restriction was insane, and meant I couldn't explore as much as I usually do. Thankfully Totori's limits aren't that obvious. I am restarting the game because the parts I've played I did things I really didn't need to do (which I think advanced the time along), so by starting from the beginning I'm hoping to save a few days. I absolutely love this game! Totori is super cute and funny, trying to stand up to her older sister who doesn't want her to be an adventurer. Every element is charming and I'm so playing this again (unlike Atelier Rorona...)

That's it for this round-up - next time I'll focus on my Nintendo 3DS games! I'd love to hear what you're playing on recently. 
I mostly play on my own, which is still super fun!


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