Monday, 24 July 2017

Nayu's News #234 The Photobucket Issue

Me this morning (no idea which anime it's from)
This morning my craft blog, Nayu's Crochet Dreams looked absolutely fine. A few minutes later, and I had the most awful background ever, making my blog virtually unreadable thanks to the font settings having been set for my custom background. 
This was ghastly and very distorted.
I didn't know what to think. I checked my Blogger gadget, which seemed ok. I thought it may be an issue on the designer's end, so I messaged them but we are in very different time zones so didn't get a reply yet. However, I then Googled it, and it turns out this is a humungous issue for all who used Photobucket for free. Search on Photobucket, then check out the news articles to see what the problem is. 

To put it simply, Photobucket looked after images for free for many blog users (and other users too). They kept them safe in the internet. Apparently there have been emails about the change...but it was buried in a load of legal speak, so even if you read the email (I know I didn't, as I ignore Photobucket emails since I didn't think I used it much), you couldn't find the info unless you had oodles of time to read it. They now won't host for free, all the pictures are gone, unless each user pays $400.
Fairly sure many users will be feeling like this girl is.
That's is insane. I'm fortunate in that as far as I'm aware the only image I had on photobucket was my beautiful craft blog background: 
Having it as plain white isn't fun or my style. However, I got off lightly. There are lots of tweets about the Photobucket Issue, with bloggers having hundreds and thousands of photos that they need to change. I'd be devastated if I was in their shoes, which is why I don't mind having a white background for now until I can figure something out. It's a fairly low priority issue for me now, until I'm caught up with blog posts, but I know I'm one of the lucky ones. I hope that somehow Photobucket allows people to recover their photos so they can find another company to store and share their images on. 

If you've been affected by the Photobucket issue please do share what happened, and what you are now doing to resolve the issue. 

Not entirely all sunny now.
Other news - summer weather is no longer here. We are getting lots of rain, and had a storm last week, both which my body reacts bady too hence lack of blog posts recently. I'm doing them slowly! Unfortunately the Photobucket issue took up a chunk of time today, while I figured out what was happening. Lunch time now, followed with the usual afternoon rest anime session, then probably some gaming & reading!
Been listening to Aikatsu songs while I blog, including one of my favourites feature Kokone and Miyabi Love Like Caramaliser which can be found here on Youtube

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Alexia561 said...

Seems that this hit an awful lot of bloggers, and hit them hard. I was never notified about the Photobucket update until AFTER they messed up my blog! I had hundreds of pictures hosted on their site, so am slowly making my way through old posts and updating the missing pictures. SO frustrating! Weird how most people are getting the $400 charge notification, but a handful of bloggers have received different amounts. Horrible way to do business IMO! Glad that you weren't hit harder, as it's almost like a virus. Have fun gaming and reading!