Sunday, 28 May 2017

Amelia Moore #7 The Lighthouse Secret by Linda Weaver Clarke (Audiobook, Cozy Mystery, 9/10E)

 April 2017, Red Mountain Shadows Publishing, 5 hours 46 minutes, Audiobook, Review copy 

Content: mild romance, domestic violence (off the page)

Summary from Linda's website
Rick Bonito's uncle supposedly drowned five years ago and his body was never found, but something did not seem right about the report. Uncle Antonio was an excellent swimmer. His disappearance seems quite suspicious to Rick's father. He never felt the complete truth had come out about his brother. It is now up to Amelia and Rick to find out the truth about his uncle.

Nayu's thoughts  
I so didn't want to finish reading this because it's the last (for now) in the Amelia Moore series! The only reason it didn't get full marks was because unlike other Amelia adventures there didn't seem to be an instance where Amelia and Rick were in danger. I think this may not have happened just because domestic violence is mentioned in the story (off the page but significant to the story line), so perhaps extra danger would have made it less of a light read than it is. 

Aside from that it's absolutely excellent, as the Amelia stories are. Amelia is pluckier than other, having me smile when she yet again for at least a second book confronts a stalker with courage and some annoyance at being followed. The mystery was close to her heart as it's her husband's relative who is being investigated. I love how sweet the romance is between them – minus the blushes both Amelia and I shared at a certain point. Linda works her magic making the continuing friendship and romance between the two be realistic and offer good advice for readers in similar situations. 

For some unknown reason I adore the concept of lighthouses, how all the rooms are round and it's not like a normal house. However, in real life I'd never go up one because I'm afraid of heights and hate being near water – lighthouses, in case you don't know, are right by the sea with a light at the top to guide ships safely to shore. I think a lot are electric and automatically operated these days, but there are some which are manualy operated. I wished for more of those details in the book but they weren't there.

I was a little surprised that another major life change didn't happen to Amelia by the end of the novel, as that would have been a good spot to end the series, but maybe she will return in the future! I'm looking forward to rereading this charming cozy mystery series, that's for sure! 

Suggested read  
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