Saturday, 29 April 2017

Waiting for Callback Take Two by Perdita & Honor Cargill (Young Adult, 10/10E)

January 2017, Simon and Schuster Children's, 368 pages, Paperback, Review copy 

Summary from Simon and Schuster
Elektra has finally landed a part in a film. It’s the dream. Well … until she works out that Straker is a movie so dystopian that within weeks most of the cast and all of the crew wish that the world had actually ended (preferably in scene one). And while it’s obviously great news that she’s moved from the friend-zone with Archie to become his almost-girlfriend, it would be better if he hadn’t immediately relocated to Transylvania to play a vampire hunter surrounded by ‘maidens of peerless beauty’…

Nayu's thoughts 
The book came with a cute cake postcard that simply said Cake? Perdita and Honor said on the back the answer is always yes, as it is for me and Elektra. Once I'd stopped confusing her with another teen actress in another film book who has mischievous twin brothers, I remembered how much I loved her life. I love how her mother is dead set against acting interfering with school work (it does but Elektra does benefit from that in the form of a character who I desperately hope returns in book 3 (there must be one!)). I fully enjoyed seeing behind the scenes on a film through Elektra's now mostly not rose tinted glasses. She may not be the leading lady, but she ends up with a fancy car taking her to the studio with super yummy breakfasts ready  greet her. I laughed at what she does to her dressing room mirror before she leaves the film. 

I enjoyed the pages which consisted of emails about Elektra's paperwork, Elektra's own summary of how much of each activity she does on certain days. Her best friend Moss is always up for a laugh and friendly advice about her boyfriend, who Elektra struggles with his apparent popularity. Her confidence issues reflect on the endless scenarios she perceives to be happening with Archie, as well as the mostly irrational fear ahe will be kicked off the film if she so much as makes 1 mistake. She does more than 1 but remains to watch the ridiculous drama with the script writers (if that's at all realistic it's ridiculous), as well as her fellow actors whose behaviour lacks common sense. All in all a fun read, one which will be on my reread pile! 

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