Monday, 17 April 2017

Flick Henderson and the Deadly Game by Amanda Wills (Young Adult, 10E/10E)

 December 2016, Createspace, 248 pages, Paperback & ebook, Review copy 

Content: a few darker topics

Book summary
 Wannabe newshound Flick Henderson has been searching for answers ever since her sister went missing. But before fourteen-year-old Flick can discover who killed Kate there's another mystery for her to solve. Can she expose the crook hell-bent on dognapping Eastcliffe's pedigree pets? Why is Luke Harper, the gangly son of the detective who led her sister's murder investigation, so keen to help? And will she ever find out what happened to Kate?

Nayu's thoughts 
This is the 2nd review of this book on my blog, the first being by a close friend whoenjoyed Amanda's pony series. It's funny because without knowing I was the person with the blog my friend posted her review on, Amanda emailed me asking if I'd like to review it. Knowing how much my friend loved it I said yes, as we have similar tastes in books. It's awesome! Albeit a bit creepy though, with the alternate viewpoint that puts a different slant on Flick's life. It shows that Amanda works in journalism, I loved hearing the details of how stories are put together during Flick's work experience at the local paper. While not a career I'd like, I find it interesting how the press works. 

Her home life is very bittersweet, and I was glad she had Gus to cheer her up. Pets work wonders through life trials. When stuff happens I was glad Flick finds someone else to confide in, she needs that extra person with her parents so clearly distracted. I picked up the hints indicting what happened at the end of Kate's life, which was tragic and surprisingly hard to read. Somehow I'd wanted a different option, and am off to watch some Hatsune Miku music videos to cheer myself up before bed. 
I wonder what Flick & Kate would think of Miku...
Flick won't ever stop grieving for her sister, grief tends to be forever in some form or another, but at least she has closure at last. I hope there will be another book as Flick has a good nose for a story, and wants to help people by finding out the truth, as proved in the way she was determined to help all the missing pet owners. Having reunited a missing cat I sympathised with the joy when the pets got returned.  Definitely one for the reread shelf! 

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Suggested read
For some reason I thought of this book as a similar read to Flick's tale: Model Under Cover: A Crime of Fashion by Carina Axelsson (Children's, 10 years +, 9/10E)

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